6 Ways Essential Oils Can Seriously Harm You

Essential Oils

All essential oils are organic and natural but it doesn’t mean that since it is organic and all-natural, it is always safe to use. Generally, essential oils are “safe” WHEN USED PROPERLY and WITH CAUTION.

You open your Facebook and you see friends who are into Lavender oil, Lemon oil and Sage oil. You see tweets about how nice Orange oil is and someone you follow in IG said that Ylang Ylang oil is so sweet smelling – it can literally calm your senses. It floods your social media news feed – essential oil is the bomb and one of your friends is a seller.

Essential oil is now a business – a booming industry in social media that is, and it claims to be a wellness aid. It can cure eczema. It can help with asthma. It can eliminate migraine. I mean, essential oils can do a lot of good things! It has therapeutic effects and because they came from plants, herbs, seeds, leaves, and barks, essential oils can claim most anything.

But what do you really know about essential oils? How was it created? Does it contain any other potent properties that may be harmful? Before using essential oils, you have to know a few certain things about it.

6. It can cause skin burning, skin blisters and skin discoloration


If you are fond of sunbathing, then, lay off essential oils when you do. Some of these natural oils have this PHOTOSENSITIZING capability. What does it do? Well, when you apply an essential oil with that property and you expose yourself to direct sunlight, your skin will discolor, get blisters or the worse, it will easily get sunburned. It can have that dangerous reaction on your skin so be very careful when using it.

Some of the essential oils with photosensitizing (phototoxic) component:

Lemon oil
Tangerine oil
Cumin oil
Lime oil
Grapefruit oil

Most citrus oils are phototoxic too.