6 Ways Essential Oils Can Seriously Harm You

1. It can be fatal when ingested

Keep Out of Children

You may hear other people saying that they ingest essential oils. Well, that’s them. You, on the other hand, must exercise usage of essential oils to the utmost care. Some essential oils are poisonous when swallowed. Pennyroyal oil can be fatal. So is wintergreen oil. They are truly toxic. It can also cause a miscarriage. These potent oils are really strong and unless your doctor says you can drink it, don’t take the chance.

I am not saying don’t use essential oils. What I’m saying is that USE ESSENTIAL OILS WITH THE UTMOST CARE. Keep the essential oils away from your kids or better yet, store it in a medicine cabinet high enough for them not to reach it. Before using any type of oil, be it essential oil or carrier oil, you have to ask an expert about it, not your friend who sells the essential oil in Instagram. There are some great benefits from using essential oils and you can start off by using a diffuser with it. Just remember not to apply directly to your skin or inhaling it.