6 Ways to Lose your Beer Belly

Beer Belly

Poker nights with your buddies often result to winning some chips and drinking Budweiser. No less than six cans of Bud. Every weekend, it becomes a routine for you and your boys. Chill time on Friday and bar hopping on Saturday. And this means more beer. After a month or so doing just that each weekend, you notice that your slacks are a bit fit on the waist area.

Well, news flash… You didn’t think you’d lose weight by drinking beer every weekend, did you? Well, beer is a fatty food and with you taking it like water on Fridays and Saturdays, it disrupts your body’s ability to metabolize properly.

If you don’t mind the beer belly, then, go right ahead with what you’re doing. But if you are worried that your size 32 jeans will become 36 in 2 months, then, listen up. Here are 6 ways to lose your beer belly – a few tips to get your 6-pack abs back (and not the 6-pack Budweiser, ok?)