6 Ways to Lose your Beer Belly

Try alternate fasting


One way to control your urge to drink is to stick to a fasting diet. Many fitness enthusiasts do this to pump up their weight loss while being healthy at the same time. The term here is “fasting” and not “starving”. Fasting is conditioning the body to lose weight while starving will disrupt the body’s metabolic function and in the end, it will not help in losing weight. You will gain some more, actually.

What are these fasting methods? Well, experts suggest the Warrior Diet wherein you fast for 20 hours and eat for four hours only. You can also benefit from the Leangains Method. The method allows you to eat for 8 hours while you fast for 16 hours. If you like, you can try 5/2 Method wherein you will eat regular meals for 5 days and eat around 400 to 800 calories for the two days. Before you try any method, consult your physician first.