7 Easy Ways Nutritionists Avoid Gaining Weight During Winter

Holidays bring out the best in me – especially when it comes to cooking and eating the most delicious (and calorie overloaded) foods. You can say that it is imminent; everyone is bound to gain some weight over Christmas and New Year. That’s how it is. And you know what? The weight you gain in 2 weeks of holiday eating can be expended in, hold your belt, five months. What do you say about that?

There is Aunt Milly’s cheesy beef pasta. Your dad is making some delicious risotto, the same one he used to cook for you when you were younger. And you decided to buy three bottles of red wine. I mean, it’s a feast and that’s called celebrating.

Just for the fun of it, would you like to know how to avoid gaining too much weight this winter break? Yeah, it’s possible if you have the discipline and the will to do it.

Comfort food that’s healthy and good for you

Healthy Comfort Food

Most comfort foods are full of fat and grease. It may be super high in sugar and cream too. But there are comfort foods which are good for you – you just have to pick the healthy choice if you want to maintain your current waist line size. According to Director of Nutrition at the Medical and Wellness Center of New Jersey by the name of Dr. Monica Amsterdam, vegetables are comfort foods as well. You can roast it – carrots, beets, squashes and sweet potatoes – these foods are sweet, too.