7 Easy Ways Nutritionists Avoid Gaining Weight During Winter

Eat at home before you go to a party


When December comes, it’s like party each night until New Year and when there is a party, there are lots of junk foods served. This is a reality.

Do you eat the junk foods? Of course not. Choose not to eat it and be healthy. Ok, this will be difficult to do but if you are up for it, it can be done. First, you need to eat at home before leaving for a party. That’s the only way to do it. Secondly, when you are in the party place; you need to get the smaller dinner plate. Choose the freshest foods – fruits, veggies and lean meat – and put that on your plate. Also, no refills or round two. Stick to one serving, if possible.

If you arrive at a party hungry, you will surely regret that decision. Why? The tendency is that you will eat a whole lot of junk and that goes to your waist.