7 Easy Ways Nutritionists Avoid Gaining Weight During Winter

Choosing the right kind of foods while in a gathering

Roasted Walnuts

This is what we’ve been talking about. You have to choose what you eat carefully especially when in a gathering. Of course, you have to eat! You’re at a party! But just remember to pick the right kind of food.

Stay away from the alcohol, mixed drinks and fruity cocktails. It’s not in the healthy menu. If you really must drink, you can choose wine (white wine is better) because in average, you can drink 5 ounces a day. You may also benefit from drinking seltzer with juice instead of martini.

Dr. Valpone also suggests that you bring roasted walnuts or almonds with you everywhere. This will be a healthy snack should you feel hungry. So instead of munching down the appetizers or bread, you have your nuts.