7 Foods That Are Aging You

High-Glycemic Foods

High Glycemic

Wow. It sounds so posh, huh? But what is the meaning of high-glycemic foods, anyway? If this is explained in the scientific manner, your brain will explore. So, here is the low down and the real deal with high-glycemic foods. When you eat it, your blood sugar levels will rise and you will temporarily but instantly feel energized.

Yes, it is your favorite cupcake. Or that milkshake you gulped in less than 10 minutes the other day. How about the 6 slices, oh no, 8 slices of cinnamon bread you ate last week? And that was refined bread – high in carbs which is broken down into – sugar. Oh, man. If you only knew then, but now you do. And so, you should stay away from eating too much of the sugary foods.