7 Foods That Are Aging You

Alcoholic Cocktails and Drinks


What a crock – diet beer? Bah! There is no such thing. Beer is a beer – it is full of carbs and it will give you are big tummy, for real. And you know what else beer can give you? A sagging face. This means that you would get old by drinking alcoholic beverages regularly and not only that. Alcohol also poses a lot of other health risks. Is it really worth it?

Alcohol “kills” the antioxidants in your body which is responsible for cleansing your cells and keeping you youthful. Think about these – the appearance of premature wrinkles, the decrease of collagen production in your body, skin elasticity reduced, redness of the skin, dehydration of your entire body, and of course, puffiness especially in the eye area. That’s ugly and alcohol can do that to you.