7 Foods That Are Aging You



Is this true? Isn’t coffee drinking a good way to make the skin look youthful? So what gives now? For a more thorough explanation, read this “all about coffee” article.

Moving on… Coffee is loaded with caffeine. This is a universal fact. It can wake you up in a whiff and keep your mind focused for a certain period of time. Coffee really does have it benefits but it can also dehydrate the hell out of you.

Did you say dehydrate? That’s correct. Coffee can dehydrate the body especially if it is in a large amount. It can be a diuretic and dehydration can lead to age spots and wrinkles. Do you want that? There is a counter measure though but it is not fool-proof. If you drink a cup of coffee, supplement that with a glass of water. This is to avoid dehydration. Hoping it will do that, you know.