7 Reasons You’re Not Building Muscle Even Though You’re Lifting Weights


You are in the gym because Michelle Obama’s arms are such an inspiration to you. Or maybe because you like what you see in J-Lo’s abs – even at her age, her core is really ripped. And those power legs on Vanessa Hudgen’s are simply WOW. But of course, these women are all working out and eating right to build those muscles. How about you? Are you doing the same?

Oh well, the answer is not “good”, eh? No matter what you do, those muscles are not forming at all. In fact, it is still flabby and “fatty”. Oh no.

Experts rounded up seven possible scenarios as to why you’re not getting ripped even if you’re hitting the weights. What could you be doing wrong that inhibits the muscle growth? Here are 7 reasons you’re not building muscle even though you’re lifting weights.