7 Reasons You’re Not Building Muscle Even Though You’re Lifting Weights

Inconsistency is your game.


The only way for you to build muscles accordingly is if you are consistently following your exercise program. If you are inconsistent in your “game”, then, don’t expect drastic results. You are what you do – if you don’t do, there will be no “great physique” for you. Capiche?

Just to give you some pointers, in order for you to build muscles, you need to hit a certain muscle group with weights two times a week. This is important. Also, if you get bored with your program, you can always switch up the exercises but it must still hit the same muscles.

For example, you are going to do legs and you are so bored with traditional squats. If that is the case, then, switch it up to sumo squats. Variations are allowed and it will help your progress, as well.