7 Things You Can Order At McDonald’s Without Hating Yourself

Egg McMuffin

Egg McMuffin

You dropped the kids at school and then, bam! Your stomach was “farting” inside, excuse the use of term. You know what that means – hunger pangs, it is kicking and it is up the notch today. With ongoing traffic, it is likely that you’d reach home in 20 minutes. Your head is killing you with that hunger headache and you are getting hangry.

Good thing there is a McDonald’s up ahead and you maneuver your way to the drive thru. So, what do you order? Big Breakfast with iced coffee and extra cream? Oh no, girl. Don’t do that. The Egg McMuffin is a better breakfast take out. Why? Well, for one, the breakfast sandwich is only 290 calories. It can also provide 17 grams protein. For your drinks, you can ask for little to no sugar coffee. Or better yet, water up. This meal is not bad at all.