7 Things You Can Order At McDonald’s Without Hating Yourself

Happy Meal

Happy Meal

Don’t you just feel happy when you eat a Happy Meal from McDonald’s? I know I would especially when I am down and out. What is good about a Happy Meal, anyway? News says that it is an unhealthy meal ensemble – but, is it one of the “good” foods in McDonald’s?

Actually, this is a bit heavy on calories. One Happy Meal is about 400 calories without the milk or sugar-filled juice. This is just the regular fries, burger, clementine and water. Take note – EAT THE REGULAR without the cheese. The small serving of fries too. But then again, if you are on the go or if you are craving for a burger and fries meal, you cannot be guilty of eating 400 calories. This can very well be your lunch or dinner meal as long as it’s not a “regular” thing with you eating Happy Meal.