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8 Foods That Are Proven to Make You Happier


Did you know that some foods can make you feel happy and that some foods can make you feel depressed? Well, if you take notice, after eating certain types of food, you feel light and your mind is feeling positive. Have you experienced that? There are times too that after eating this certain food, you are all grumpy and sad. This may sound really weird but it is all true.

According to a nutrition expert, Marra St. Clair, if you consume sugary foods and refined grains in excess, your body will release dopamine in an instant. For a short period of time, dopamine will make you feel good but as it wears off, the effects of dopamine can make you feel depressed. So, now that you know about this, you can avoid foods that are too sweet and not eat too much of it.

As for a feel-good and a great mood all day long, here are 8 foods that are proven to make you happier and healthier too…