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8 Foods That Are Proven to Make You Happier



Turmeric is so popular these days because it has been considered as a super food. Everyone wants a taste of turmeric – it is cheap, easy to find and yet, the health benefits are too great for its price. It looks like ginger and tastes a bit like ginger but it is not ginger. The great thing about turmeric, when it comes to being happy is that it contains turmerones and curcuminods, as Ficek mentions. These components make a person feel better.

Also, spicy foods are natural energy givers without the negative effects. It regulates blood sugar levels, makes the person increase blood circulation and turmeric is a natural antioxidant too – meaning – bye bye cancer. Who won’t be happy with that, right?

Note: There is turmeric tea, if you can take the spicy-ness.