9 Best Abs Exercises For Women

9 Best Abs Exercises For Women

There are abdominal exercises that you can do at home that has the best impact for your body with a minimum amount of effort and sweat. Just remember to do the Pilate trick – pull your belly button in just to add intensity to your floor workouts. It will be very beneficial when the time comes as it will form great looking abs.

You have to know that there are three different abdominal muscle groups – the upper abdominals, the lower abdominals and the oblique muscles. In a day, you have to pick one exercise from each muscle group. The must be variety in order to tone your midsection. Do perform three sets per exercise. If you want to do all nice workouts in a day, by all means, DO IT!

It’s not enough that you do abs exercises daily. You also have to eat healthy and regularly workout. Cardio would be a good fit. It would also best to do some strength training for all the other muscle groups in your body – chest, back, arms, shoulders and legs.

UPPER ABDOMINALS – Exercise Ball Crunches

Ball Crunches

Before you start, be sure to choose the right ball size for you.
Sit on the ball.
Interlock your fingers and put them behind your neck.
Slowly roll down until the ball is right your lower back.
Your knees must form a 45-degree angle.
Exhale first before lifting your upper body, focusing on your crunch, pulling your abs towards your spinal column.
Do it 25 counts.

Note: Your neck must not be strained.