9 Nutritionist-Approved Smoothies

Lemon Strawberry Smoothie

People these days are in a rush. They always want to find ways to expedite everything, even their way on preparing meals. For example, breakfast meals. How many minutes does it take to cook scrambled egg? Will it consume ten minutes of your time? Most people want it to be less than ten minutes because time is precious. Time is gold.

Because of the rush and time limitation, people have learned to make breakfast meals on the go. This is where smoothies come in. You get the ingredients from the ref and toss everything in the blender. After two minutes, you have your breakfast.

But, wait. You can’t just eat foods that are filled with sugar or fat. It is also a must to consume smoothie that is rich in healthy nutrients, certified dietitians always say.

Here are 9 nutritionists-approved smoothies that are good for the body.

Blueberry-Cottage Cheese Smoothie

A cup of Cottage cheese
Half a cup of milk (low-fat or full cream, your choice)
A piece of banana
A cup of blueberries (fresh or frozen)
A dash of cinnamon

Blend everything together and you will get a huge dose of protein from the Cottage cheese. It has milk for added Calcium, blueberries and banana for Fiber, Potassium with antioxidants.

Vanilla Cake Batter Smoothie

For a lot of people who are in the Paleo diet or those who prefer to eat gluten-free foods, this is one of the best breakfast smoothies for you.

A piece of banana
A tablespoon of coconut flour (or oat flour, if you don’t mind gluten)
A tablespoon of coconut butter (alternatives – cashew butter or almond butter)
Half a cup of milk (vanilla almond milk is best but any regular milk works just fine)
Half a teaspoon vanilla extract

Spinach-Chia Green Smoothie

Want something green and healthy? Try this smoothie with the super food, spinach, and the magic food, chia, in it.

5 ounces of yogurt, preferably vanilla or coconut
A piece of mango, throw away seed
A cup of fresh and raw spinach
A tablespoon of chia seeds

Blueberry Tea-Greek Yogurt Smoothie

Some people don’t like protein powder, so in lieu of that, you can use Greek yogurt for your protein fix. Adding to the mix some blueberry tea, you will get a rich tea flavor.

Two lemon tea bags
Two ginger tea bags
A cup of blueberries
A cup of Greek yogurt

Carrot Cake Oatmeal Smoothie

If you are after for a vegan smoothie, then, there is nothing more vegan than this. It has no gluten, no dairy and no sugar too.

Half a cup rolled oats
¼ cup mashed carrots
A tablespoon of granulated sweetener
A teaspoon of vanilla extract
A tablespoon of cream cheese or Greek yogurt
Mixed spice

Hemp and Chia Berry Smoothie

A great way to start your day with a bang – if you are looking for a smoothie to give you an energy boost – this smoothie has essential fats, protein and fiber too.

Half a cup strawberries
Half a cup raspberries
4 ounces coconut milk
8 ounces of your preferred milk
A tablespoon of hemp seeds
A tablespoon of chia seeds
A scoop of protein powder
A piece of banana
A slice of avocado

Avocado-Banana-Kale Green Smoothie

2 cups of fresh kale
3 pieces banana
A slice of avocado
Lemon juice

Kale is a cruciferous super food which is known to fight cancer-causing free radicals. Avocado has MUFA’s or monounsaturated fats which is the good kind of fats. Banana has potassium and lemon juice adds Vitamin C.

Toasted Walnut Apple Pie Smoothies

Apple and walnut combined, this is a very nutritious breakfast smoothie. Apple is low in calories and walnut is one of the best fiber-rich nuts that you can eat that is also high in magnesium and Vitamin B6.

An apple cut into chunks
2 ounces plain yogurt
2 tablespoons walnut
A tablespoon of honey

Mega-Veggie Cauliflower-Beet Smoothie

¼ cup of cauliflower, zucchini and kale or spinach
A small beet, cut up
A piece of banana
A cup of raspberries
2 cups of milk, preferably almond
A tablespoon of hemp

When making smoothies, it is better to have the ingredients frozen (except for leafy greens) than fresh. Just a tip.