9 Reasons You Should Eat Dark Chocolate Every Single Day


Don’t be guilty of eating dark chocolate every day girl! Do you know that eating dark chocolate on a daily basis has some health benefits? It doesn’t mean though that you can eat a tub of those 70%-90% dark cocoa chocolate bars. That’s not it. The point here is that if you eat, let’s say, half a serving of it then, you will most definitely reap of the antioxidant benefits, among other nutrients.

Anyway, here are 9 reasons you should eat dark chocolate every single day…

1. Dark chocolate will make you smile more often.

Think happy thoughts! Dark chocolate, for some reason, makes people feel better about themselves. Have you experienced that? After you eat a bar of dark chocolate, you just feel instantly alive and well? That’s because of “tryptophan”. Tryptophan is a very healthy type of fatty acids which contain serotonin and what does serotonin do? It works as a “happy” switch in our brains.

2. Dark chocolate in high cocoa content is full of fiber.

If you want a slimmer waist, you need to eat fiber every single day. So yes, eating a serving of dark chocolate each day can assist in you receiving a substantial amount of fiber and eventually, will help you lose weight. Is it possible? Can dark chocolate assist in weight loss? The answer is a big YES. Amazing!

3. Dark chocolate is a brain food too.

A study was published in Science Direct regarding people who regularly consumed dark chocolate. It took the team 40 years to report a finding in their study and they observed that those who ate dark chocolate habitually achieved better marks in brain-powered examinations. It also keeps the mind alert and reduces the risk of developing dementia.

4. Dark chocolate is also a heart-healthy food.

NCBI or National Center for Biotechnology Information published in their website that eating dark chocolate reduces the chances of contracting cardiovascular diseases by as high as 57%. This is especially true if you eat dark chocolate at least five times a week – which will make it one serving per day.

5. Dark chocolate makes babies in the womb happy as well.

If adults feel better when eating dark chocolate, babies will also feel that way too. Pregnant women who eat dark chocolate are more likely to deliver less fuzzy babies. This is according to a study done in Finland.

6. Dark chocolate contain flavonoids.

Flavonoids are antioxidants coming from cocoa plants and the body needs an abundance of antioxidants to keep it healthy and strong. It regulates blood pressure levels and bad cholesterol too. It also keeps the blood vessels intact.

7. Dark chocolate makes the skin glow.

Another benefit of antioxidants is that it promotes beautiful skin. Dark chocolate contains phenols and catechins that keep the skin glowing. It is moisturized while keeping it safe from UV rays.

8. Dark chocolate is an anti-stress food.

Do you want to be less stressed when experiencing some emotional issues? Well, eat a serving of dark chocolate. You will notice that it provides an instant stress relief benefit and will leave you feeling well as it lowers the stress hormones in your body.

9. Dark chocolate is an “adult” snack.

It is a bit bitter and because of that, kids are not that crazy over dark chocolate. So, if your child won’t eat that much, it means, more dark chocolate for you!