9 Tips For Getting A Good Night’s Sleep In Any Guest Bedroom

Guest Bedroom Sleep

It’s December now and Christmas is just around the corner. This season is the time to be reunited with family members and have some great bonding time with them over some delicious food. You are two weeks off from work and it’s just so blissfully heaven-like. But, you are to sleep in the guest bedroom with three cousins – one of them who snore and the other one sleepwalk.

You just have to suck it up and expect the expected – you won’t be getting any good sleep at the guest bedroom with your cousins.

Well, you don’t have to lose the holiday spirit just because of that. There are ways to sleep soundly at a guest room even with noisy roommates, according to sleep specialist William David Brown, a psychologist from Children’s Medical Center in Dallas.

It is difficult to sleep in a place where you are not used to and some sleeping concerns will not be manageable every single time, but you can make your sleeping quarters more homey, as mentioned by Dr. Brown.

These tips are from Dr. Brown and a Terry Cralle. Cralle is an educator with clinical sleep certification and both experts aim to help those who find it hard to sleep in a bedroom that’s not their own.

9. Planning ahead is better than having no plans at all

If you are going to sleep with other people like your relatives or friends in the guest bedroom on your holiday, you can ask them about their sleeping practices, as recommended by Dr. Brown. If they sleep earlier than you, read a book on the bed until you fall asleep.

8. You have to do the things you normally do at night before going to sleep

According to Dr. Brown, it would be best if you do your nightly routine. If there are things you do at night before going to bed, then, do it even if you’re in a guest bedroom. This will help you sleep better because you’re doing familiar things.

7. You can always make the room more “homey” for your taste

The things that you can control when going on a vacation and sleeping in a guest room must be controlled by you – says Dr. Brown. If you are sleeping with friends or relatives, there is nothing to be weird about like when you want to bring your own pillows or blankets. You can do just that. It will be a challenge to keep your pillows and blankets clean while on travel but you will have a good night sleep for sure. So, it’s your choice.

(Remember to bring your blankets and pillows together. Cralle said that if you use a blanket or pillows that you don’t like, it will still be the same. You won’t be able to sleep soundly.)

6. You can always use a white noise device to assist you in your sleep

Sometimes, the kids will keep you up at night or the constant laughing and bickering of your cousins just won’t stop even if you’ve told them that you need rest. If they are keeping you awake at night, then, one of the best machines to use which can assist your sleep is the white noise device. You can focus on the sound of the device and drown out the other noises. Eventually, you will be able to fall asleep.

Terry Cralle says that it is a very effective device to use – she even turns it on even if the surroundings is quiet.

5. Don’t forget to bring your earplugs

Now, if the white noise gadget can’t help with the sound, then, another solution is the earplugs. Terry Cralle advises those who are always on travel and will be sleeping in unfamiliar bedrooms to keep earplugs handy. She says that she brings it anywhere and the plugs are in her bag all the time. She refers to it as her peace of mind and when you have that serenity, you will be able to get a good night sleep.

4. You may benefit from an eye mask

To block the light from keeping you up at night, the eye mask can help. According to Cralle, it will be handy too, just like the earplugs. Just keep it in your bag. You’ll never know when you’ll need it.

Dr. Brown suggests that before you use the eye mask away from home, you have to try it while at home to see if it will work for you. If it doesn’t, then, it will not help at all while you are in a guest bedroom.

3. All gadgets and electronic devices must be turned off

If you can’t turn off your phone, you must at least click the silent button. If your idea is to sleep soundly, then, you have to shut the tablet off and your phone must not disturb you as you sleep. (As for emergency reasons, it is your choice. You decide if the phone needs to be up while you sleep.)

If you really are in a holiday, then, you have to resist the urge to sleep very late. Sleeping early and a full 8 hours is a treat, you know. Also, no watching TV on the bed because if you really want to sleep, then, there should be no distractions.

2. Alcohol can promote bad sleep

Dr. Brown have repeatedly said that alcohol can’t help with a good night sleep. So, if you want to have that perfect rest at night, watch how many glasses of wine, pints of beer or shots of hard drinks you are taking in. Sure, it is expected that if you are with family and friends, drinking is the past time. Just do it in moderation. Don’t let yourself be too overly drunk. You won’t sleep any better.

1. You must have the right mindset and positive thinking

If you are sleeping in a guest room, you have to carry on a positive attitude. Always think that you will have a good night sleep because if you declare that your sleep will not be good, it will become just that, says Dr. Brown.

If you slept poorly the night before, just relax. The usual body reaction would be for you to be tired the next day and you will be able to sleep soundly the next night due to exhaustion. Chances are, you will also be sleeping the same way after that, Dr. Brown recounted.

But if you have done everything and you have tried all the solutions provided herein, then, jump ship. Just find a comfy hotel where you can stay in. Dr. Brown concluded.