Anti-Inflammation Expert Doctor Will Never Eat These Trigger Foods


When something inside you is inflamed, you can expect some or all of these symptoms – tiredness, bloating or worse, diabetes. If something like this happens, your immune system is all messed up and it can really affect your health.

This can be a slight issue if it doesn’t happen often, like once a month or every two months. But if you regularly miss a good night’s sleep or if you are always stressed out, the results are not good at all. Some of your body’s organs can get inflamed.

Why can this happen? If your body consistently experiences stressors like those mentioned above, then, the immune system becomes weak and cannot fend for itself. This is how you get sick and it means really, really sick.

You think the cure to this inflammation is over the counter drugs. Well, you thought wrong. Anti-inflammation expert Doctor Lori Shemek, PhD says that what you need to restore your body’s ability to fight inflammation is not from a small red and yellow colored capsule. It’s in the food you eat. Actually, there are certain foods that you need to stay away from because it can trigger inflammation.