Anti-Inflammation Expert Doctor Will Never Eat These Trigger Foods

Refined Grains


It would be better if you lessen or totally eradicate refined grains from your daily diet. Refined grains are foods that don’t really provide much of nutritional value to your body except for carbs and added sugars. The fiber in the wheat has been taken off and thus making the food “refined”. Together with that, other important nutrients like vitamins and minerals are stripped away, as well.

Refined grains are white bread, white rice, white pasta and basically, everything “white” or the term “wheat”.

What you can do is switch refined grains with whole wheat or whole grains. This is the best food to eat when loading up on the good carbs, anyway. These foods are usually low in sugar which counteract with inflammation and it also contains loads of nutrients to keep the body performing in tiptop shape.

Sample of food whole wheat or whole grain foods – whole wheat bread, brown rice, quinoa, whole oats and more.