Anti-Inflammation Expert Doctor Will Never Eat These Trigger Foods

Diet Soda


By now you know that added sugars can cause inflammation in the body. This is the reason why diet soda is in the “trigger list”. It may be zero calories but in truth, diet sodas are sweet because it contains preservatives that are not really good for the body. Think like this – water with sugar, both of the same amounts. That’s basically diet soda.

Aside from inflammation, diet soda can surely make you overweight or obese. It can also quicken your chances of having diabetes. For a can of diet soda, this is so not worth it.

If you want something flavored to drink, try flavored water. This must be of natural flavoring like for example, you slice a lemon and cucumber. Put that in a glass container. Add some mint leaves and keep the concoction inside your refrigerator overnight. The next day, you can use it as your water for the day. Posh!