Better Aerobic Fitness May Reduce Men’s Risk Of Cancer Death


There was a study in Denmark which suggested that when a person is cardiorespiratory fit, then, he is less likely to contract the most fatal of diseases known to man and that is CANCER. When you say “cardiorespiratory fitness” it means a way to measure how the person uses up his body’s oxygen when doing a high intensity workout. If your cardiorespiratory fitness is in good ratings, then, it can be said that your cardiovascular health is in tiptop shape, as well.

However, it cannot be fully ascertained if detection of cancer risk is among of the benefits according to the British Journal of Sports Medicine. Most cancer diseases development hasten due to unhealthy living factors which bring experts to the idea of cancer being a preventable disease if only people eat right and exercise daily, according to Dr. Magnus Thorsten Jensen.

Reports show that the more you are active in you daily life which will then lead you to becoming physically fit, like you are exercising day by day and not being dormant at work, it reduces the risk for easily contracting cancer. This is one of the main reasons why the World Health Organization pushes people to be active every day.

Dr. Jensen has proven a very vital issue in people’s health, pertaining to cancer, through their Copenhagen Male Study project. The study commenced in 1970 and middle-aged men were recruited to participate in the study. Averagely, the participants were 49 years of age and all didn’t have a speck of cancer disease in their systems. They also had VO2 max tests apart from the many physical exams that they had to submit during the period.

(VO2 max test means milliliter of oxygen per body weight in kilograms per minute – it is a test to measure the maximum oxygen in milliliters that can be processed by the body to produce energy while working out.)

For 44 years, Dr. Jensen pushed through with his study and he had 4,482 willing participants. In time, 1,527 of the participants died and from cancer-related issues. The study showed that per 10 ml/kg/min rise in VO2Max test, there was a 17% less risk on cancer fatality. Also, there is an 11% lesser risk of dying through any type of health disease.

This simply means that if you are in great shape, then, you are lessening the chances of dying prematurely due to cancer and other diseases, stated by Dr. Jensen. (Participants who didn’t log in through the VO2Max test but reported exercising were not included in the basis of the study.)

The doctor however said that it is not enough for a person to be active. He or she must really be physically fit. Actual fitness level is the basis of the program and not just about physical activity.

Yes, the number of participants was massive in amount and 44 years is such a long time – it could be that the men were not physically fit because they had undetected cancer diseases – this was a small possibility. But due to their long follow up time, the researchers were able to cross out those participants who died within 2 decades from the commencement of the study as it had no effects to the results of the issue.

As the good doctor also said, he feels very positive about the outcome of his study. He also said that if a person wants to be physically fit, costly gym machines are not necessary.


Another statement was issued by an oncologist from the University Of Vermont College Of Medicine in Burlington, Dr. Kim Dittus. There are many reasons as to why people who are physically fit are reducing their chances of developing cancer, according to the doctor. It was also said that a person who has a healthy weight range and is exercising can really control his weight.

People who are overweight or obese are packed on estrogen levels and this can interrupt insulin function and insulin resistance. The spur on these hormones have been linked with cancer development says Dr. Dittus.

She also added that even though people with cancer are a bit weak, they also need to exercise. Cancer survivors must be physically fit more than ever after getting rid of cancer in their systems so that it will less likely to recur. Those with positive cardiorespiratory fitness ratings are more likely to endure chemotherapy compared to those who are not fit.

(Dr. Dittus is not a part of Dr. Jensen’s team and his study.)