How to Boost Your Morning Coffee and Make it Healthier


Ah coffee, the eternal rival of tea. 2.25 billion cups each day deliver the energy boost to anyone who drinks the heavenly concoction. 82% of coffee lovers take it early in the morning. It reverses the adverse effects of alcohol and it is the second most traded product in the world. 6 or more cups of coffee can also reduce risks of prostate cancer. Neat, huh? People just love that cup of Joe, don’t they?

However, this time, skip your favorite coffee shop. Do not go to the nearest cafe, too. They offer great selections but do not quite hit the “healthy” mark on the gauges. You want to make your own coffee and create it to be healthier. Put on your aprons and start looking for coffee beans. You can make a very healthy coffee cup right at your very own home!

Home-brew your coffee

The idea is to skip wasting all that precious money. You can actually spend much less, if you make your own coffee, you know. Think of how much Americans can cut on the $1092.00 budget spent for coffee per person each year. Sometimes, they end up too sweet or too creamy for your taste. Home brewing your coffee avoids that kind of wastage. You can measure and adjust the sweetness or creaminess to the level that suits your palate.

Say no to sweeteners

Sugar can be a problem. If you put too much sugar or sweetener in your coffee and you do it every day, chances are that you will be at risk of diabetes. Instead of loading on the sweets, try out cocoa, vanilla extract or cinnamon. This will give your coffee the sweet kick it needs, add difference and variety to its flavor. Give up on buying the different coffee recipes of popular coffee shops (you already know what coffee shop I am talking about here, right?), try experimenting a recipe of your own without the sweets. You will be healthy and creative at the same time.

Creamers? Pass!

Say no to creamers this time. Powdered or liquid form, creamers have added ingredients – preservatives and additives. That makes it less healthy and that fact is not being advertised. Now that you know what creamers are all about, try using almond milk or coconut oil. The creaminess is enough to mimic the great taste of those made in shops. You can also try putting in butter made out of cacao or other butter products (that is healthy, of course). It if is just creaminess you are looking for, definitely go for coconut oil.

Coffee is a duet performer if you are hungry.

Coffee can command the brain to provide the energy that you need. (With the use of sugars stored in your body). But if you are hungry, it is advisable not to drink coffee. An empty stomach and coffee can lead to stomach acidity and a drop in your energy. Doing this regularly will cause gallstones. It can also make you prone to anxiety attacks. So, in the morning, nibble on some muffins with your coffee to start the day right.