Booze DOES increase your risk of deadly skin cancer


We all thought that wine is the best alternative when it comes to drinking alcohol. But little did we know how wine, especially white wine, can increase your chances of developing skin cancer. One glass of your favorite Pinot Grigio can boost the likelihood of contracting melanoma by, get this, thirteen percent!

According to studies, a 5-ounce serving of white wine can pose a risk of you having skin cancer. Experts in one of the deadliest skin cancer disease have given their warning. White wine is a melanoma culprit. Although, there are no studies to show that other alcoholic drinks like red wine, beer and hard liquor can cause skin cancer, it is advised that consumption must be stopped, if not lessened.

Once you consume white wine, it starts to metabolize inside the body and that’s how the risk of cancer is formed. The effect was not observed in red wine consumption because it is rich in antioxidants (which combats free radicals aka cancer) due to its main ingredient – grape seeds and grape skin. But for white wine, the skin and seeds are taken out before processing.

Every year, it is reported in Britain that 15,500 people contract skin cancer and almost 2,500 of them die because of it. These are mostly people who drink white wine. Also, researchers from Brown University have revealed that in their 18-year study of people who drink white wine, the impact was really bad on the 200,000 individuals they were following. White wine was indeed a major risk factor for melanoma. It was also discovered that the skin cancer developed on areas that were covered like the waist and chest.

Eunyoung Cho, who spearheaded the research study which was published in this journal, Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, there are people who are more at risk of developing melanoma compared to others. And when they drink white wine, the possibility is increased even more.

What is the solution to this? Well, if they cannot stop drinking, they should at least try to lessen the consumption until they can get rid of it for good. Also, one must employ strategies to reduce the risk of getting melanoma.

The government is also full support in their campaign against skin cancer. They advise that each week, only 14 units of alcohol are to be consumed and no more for an average man and woman. How many is 14 units? That’s six glasses of 5-ounce wine or 6 beer pints.

There are at least 28 cancer diseases attributed to drinking alcohol because what people do not know is that alcohol can severely damage our DNA. When DNA is destroyed, tumors are more likely to form.

It was also recently found out that alcohol can make the skin very sensitive to sun light. Maybe this is the reason why some people, when they are drunk, they shy away from the light. Also, alcohol has been linked with melanoma formation. As you can see, alcohol makes a person think differently as he normally does. It can prejudice one’s judgment. It can also make a person susceptible to sunburn easily. See how much damage alcohol can do for you? It really is deadly.