You Can Balance Your Hormones, Revitalize Your Skin and Lift Your Mood With This Eating Lifestyle

Healthy Foods Skin

You look at yourself in the mirror and there are days when you are just looking and feeling down. Well, even celebrities and beauty queens have those days and it is ok. This is normal because no one is perfect but there is a way to balance your hormones so that your skin will be renewed and your mood will be lifted in a snap.

What is that “way” you are talking about – is that in your mind? It’s about an eating lifestyle. Once you start eating these foods that will be mentioned shortly, there will be an overall change in your body and that is not just about getting slim. Your skin will start to glow and your body will improve inside and out. Is this magic? No, it’s not. It is nature’s way of telling us that you need to eat the right foods to keep your mind and body healthy at all times.

There are four categories of food that you need to include in your each and every meal from breakfast to lunch, then, dinner according to Esthetician and Nutrition Enthusiast, Megan Kelly. She says, if you want your skin to be youthful and your body working as it is supposed to be, you have to eat these:


Healthy Nuts Seeds

Soaked nuts, beans or seeds

– Kelly believes in soaking nuts, beans or seeds because it improves the nutritional value of these foods. There are components in nuts, beans and seeds that lessen the ability to absorb the nutrients of the foods and soaking it with water releases that inhibitor.

– The best nuts, beans or seeds to eat: Almond, Walnuts, White Beans, Black Beans, Red Beans, Kidney Beans, Chia Seeds, Hemp Seeds, Flax Seeds, Sunflower Seeds and more…

Wild fish

– The best fishes to eat are mentioned in this article.

Farm-raised chicken, whole eggs, lean turkey, or lean beef


Healthy Egg Yolks

There are the good fats and the bad fats. Just stay away from the bad fats and eat foods with good fats at least once in each meal. What are these foods? You can use coconut oil instead of vegetable oil. Ghee is also the best option when it comes to butter-like foods. Egg yolks are good fats too and so are other nuts and seeds. Salmon is both a protein and fatty food which is good for the health. These fatty foods will regulate the function of hormones inside the body, as explained by Kelly.

Herbs and Spices

Healthy Herbs Spices

When cooking your food, instead of using salt and sugar all the time, you must try these healing herbs and spices. It will make you food taste so much better without having to experience a spike in your sodium and glucose levels.

These herbs and spices are great to eat every single day:

Cinnamon (Read about the health benefits of cinnamon.)
Turmeric (The good things about turmeric are mentioned here.)
Garlic (Know why garlic is needed by the body – read this.)


Healthy Antioxidant Veggies

Not all veggies were created equal which is why you must choose only the best veggies available and eat them in every meal you take. What you need to get your hormones in a row, keep your skin looking young and for your mood to lighten up are veggies rich in anti-oxidants. What are these veggies?

– Asparagus
– Broccoli
– Spinach
– Cabbage
– Kale (and more veggies healthier than kale)
– Bell Pepper
– Onions
– Carrots
– Sweet Potato
– Squash
– Beets
– Artichokes
– Turnips