How to Control Bad Perspiration & Smell

Sweaty Armpits

It’s 9pm and you are so beat from the day’s grind. You’ve worked 10 hours today and the idea of having to lie down on your bed after a brief hot soak on the tub and a glass of wine is just so glorious. The bus stops in front of you and you step on it eagerly – thinking about your bath, the wine and of course, your clean bed.

As you walk on the aisle, it seems that the all the chairs are full and the last one is at the back. And you have a seatmate! Well, the bus already started and you are on your way to sitting down, still with a smile on your pretty face. You notice that the other passengers near your seat, as you approach, as exhibiting funny reactions. Some are giggling, others are massaging their foreheads and some are just covering their noses.

You approach with the seat in confusion and sit your behind down. In a matter of seconds, you notice why the other passengers were like that. You now understand the reason why they showed funny faces. The stench is so overwhelming and it comes from right beside you. Your seatmate in the bus has BO or body odor (to the highest level). If you only have nose plugs, you would use it right then and there.

45 agonizing minutes later, you disembark from the bus and gave a sigh of relief as you breathe in the not-so-fresh New York air. Actually, it’s better than having to smell that terrible stink of an armpit. Nothing can destroy your plans for the night and you continued with the program.

As you sip your red wine, all soaked up with bubbles and Jasmine scent, you just couldn’t shake it off your head. What is about body odor that other people just have it? Are they just so lazy to clean up themselves and don’t care that they smell bad? Well, you do and you will do everything in your power just to smell good and be hygienic.

It’s not just about pleasing other people although if you are working outside the comforts of your home, smelling good will make an impression. You are cleaning yourself because you want to do it. You want to be presentable for your own personal gain.

Why people experience body odor.

Perspiration is the culprit. Sweat is not smelly, just to make that clear. The problem is that when a person who is naturally smelly will perspire, even after taking a bath, bacteria called “Staphylococcus hominis” will activate itself and create that pungent smell. Some people are just blessed and abundant with these moist-loving bacteria and thus, they are smellier than others.

Is there a way to combat this?

Regular washing and using of hygienic products can help in this problem. But for those whose pungent stink is really bad, they need to clean themselves regularly – maybe even few times a day. How can it be done? Well, it’s simple really but a bit tedious to do over and over again throughout the day. It can help you not stink, though.

You will need the following things:

Anti-bacterial soap
Razor or any type of hair removing product (no scent, if possible)
Deodorant/Anti-Perspirant or Tawas (Alum Crystal or Alum Powder)

When taking a bath, you need to use the anti-bacterial soap. This can help in killing the Staphylococcus hominis and prevent it from causing too much body odor damage. Next on, you have to be completely dry before putting on deodorant or anti-perspirant on your armpits. Remember that bacteria thrive on moist surfaces. You have to do everything to keep your armpits from sweating.

Now, armpit hair can also add to the stinky problem. At night, shave your armpit hair or you can use wax products to take it off. Be gentle when doing this because armpits are easily irritated. Plus, if you are harsh, the next day will be a difficult day for you to put on your deodorant. It will sting. So, be nice to your armpits.

Some people like to use Alum Crystal of Alum Powder. This is a very effective tool to put under your pits as it can eliminate the stinky smell. Put just enough underarms since too much alum powder can potentially burn the sensitive armpit.

Other than that, you also have to change the clothing you wear. Some clothing can make your body feel cool most times and thus, prevent you from sweating. These clothes are those made in cotton, wool, silk or linen. You also need to stay away from onion, garlic and too much red meat. These foods can make you smell.

These things may be petty but it can really help with the body odor problem. If you know someone of if you, yourself, has that BO problem, then, follow these tips.