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Dandruff – Dealing with Those Embarrassing Flakes


You are always conscious when out in public; looking over your shoulder from time to time because of the dreaded “flakes”. It is so embarrassing when someone tells you – “Oh, look. I think you have dandruff.” You just want to turn around and run as far as you can.

Everyone is susceptible to having some dandruff. It is normal and regular. But some experience the heavy symptoms more compared the others. They call the “winter wonderland”. Don’t you dare wear black or it will look like tiny polka dots on your shoulders. This can terribly tamper with your self-confidence and what’s worse is that people will have a wrong idea about you – that you’re not “hygienic”.

There are ways to combat these flakes and some useful information may very well assist you on this problem.

Before we go to the remedies, you must first understand dandruff and why it is an annoyance to you. Dandruff is a condition of the scalp that involves flaking of dead skin cells. The shedding of the flakes can also bring about itchiness, redness and at times, even inflammation of the scalp. You wouldn’t believe that this flaky situation is brought about by too much sebum on the scalp. It is so crazy! The scalp is too oily and that’s why it is flaking!

There is no one exact cause to having dandruff but there are many factors involved as to why people experience it. Some break out due to intense weather situations, daily life and work stress, overall body fatigue, poor hygiene, remains of styling products and hormonal issues or weight instability. These factors are categorized as internal or external factors and the treatment to these for dandruff also differ.

Before treatment, you need to do this:

You have to exfoliate your scalp so that the dandruff will be lifted and can be washed off. Excess flakes can be eliminated by doing this.

How do you exfoliate your scalp? Well, it must be gentle and don’t scrub it or else, your scalp might get irritated. Just massage the scalp (it must be wet) with Epsom salts preferably when you are taking a shower or a bath.

It is easy to find Epsom salts. Just go to your local drugstore and you can find it on the body scrub aisle. The salts are very cheap.

How to treat dandruff… Now, let’s go to dandruff treatment at home.

Find a leave-in formula that contains Salicylic Acid or Sulfur for the use of dandruff treatment. It can effectively remove the dead skin cells before it becomes winter wonderland on your shoulders. These formulas do not need prescription and you can buy it from your grocery or drug store.

You also have to maintain a dandruff-zapping scalp regimen. Maintaining your scalp requires buying products with Zinc Pyrithione. This is sort of an anti-inflammatory formula because it will relax your scalp. It will also normalize the production of sebum up there. This means medicated cleansers, dandruff shampoos and dandruff conditioners too.

What if the above mentioned ways and treatment won’t work?

If by exfoliating, treating and maintaining your scalp by doing the things mentioned above didn’t even budge, well, it means that your dandruff is at its extreme condition. It may be too waxy and will present yeast-like indications. For these types of scalp disorders, an anti-fungal treatment may be required. You will also need to go to your doctor for a prescription of steroids like hydrocortisone or triamcinolone just to put this disorder to a halt.

There is a big probability that after doing this anti-fungal treatment and of course, maintaining the cleanliness of your scalp, the disorder will be fully addressed. You also have to work on the “internal factors” involved. If you have dandruff because of hormonal or weight issues, then, hydrated and go to the gym. You may need to lose some weight. With these, you have to go to your dermatologist and family doctor for medical advice.

External factors are easier to regulate. You can always exfoliate, cleanse and maintain, as mentioned above. It will also be helpful to massage your scalp at least once a week with base oils mixed with essential oils such as jojoba with some tea tree drops.

When your sebum on the scalp over produces oil, it will block the hair follicle and can sometimes resort to hair loss. Do not ignore this. If you have dandruff, treat it before it goes out of hand.