What Are the Dangers of Eating Grapefruit?


Grapefruit has always been in the healthy foods list since forever. It is true. Grapefruit is a healthy food to snack on because it is rich in Vitamin C which can enhance your immune system and fight common colds, among other benefits. It also has fiber which regulates bowel movement. Naturally, grapefruit is good for the tummy.

But what is this danger about eating grapefruit? How is this a possibility when grapefruit is generally considered one of the healthiest fruits in the entire planet?

It’s in the way grapefruit is used and consumed – of course, grapefruit is truly healthy if eaten correctly.

Diet Crazes


While the grapefruit is potent in Vitamin C and Fiber, it is not a complete type of food. And the problem with other people is that they “assume” that grapefruit has it all and they only eat grapefruit from sunrise to sundown. Have you heard of the grapefruit diet? It is a diet craze that some people follow because they think that it is a healthy way to lose weight. They eat grapefruit every meal and it is their main source of sustenance to replace carbohydrates.

You will definitely lose weight yes, but it is not healthily lost. In fact, the grapefruit diet is super low in calories which generally starves the body. It is also very poor in other nutrients and if the body is deficient of such nutrients for a very long time, it will eventually cease to function properly.

Just don’t use grapefruit on an unhealthy diet craze.

Adverse Reactions


It was reported that grapefruit and some medications doesn’t react well together. The citrus fruit has a compound named furanocoumarins which blocks certain enzymes. These enzymes are found in some medications and of course, when a person takes this orally, the efficiency of the medication is reduced due to the blocking ability of the grapefruit.

So, when you want to eat grapefruit, be sure that you are not taking these types of medicines: lovastatin, simvastatin, and atorvastatin. These medicines are for lowering bad cholesterol levels.



The National Institutes of Health attests that grapefruit is a trigger for cancer cells of the breasts on some women, especially during their menopausal stages. In their study, 30% in a group of 46,000 women eating grapefruit in large amounts had a higher risk of getting breast cancer. But a more recent study showed that there is no such cause – the results were inconclusive, according to the American Cancer Society.

There was also a study published in Journal of Clinical Oncology about the risk of grapefruit juice and orange juice to increase the chances of people developing skin cancer. Well, they mentioned that if you drink the juice is very large quantities; there is a big risk of contracting melanoma. The solution? Don’t drink the juice like as if it’s water. Right?

If there is truth to these, then, maybe one must eat grapefruit in moderation just to avoid the possibility.

Allergic Reactions


Be truthful here. Have you experienced eating a grapefruit and afterwards your mouth and corner of your lips just had this burning sensation? Your lips will be itchy and reddish. For some, it may even swell a bit. Well, this is an allergic reaction. It’s just that some people are more sensitive to eating citrusy fruits and one of those is the grapefruit. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America suggests that if you ever have these symptoms after eating grapefruit, you must subject yourself to an allergy test, just to be sure.