Drinking Wine Just Might Make You Smarter

Pouring Red Wine

As we grow older, we find ways to improve our memory by playing puzzles or even Scrabble for that matter. These games that enhance the mind may be lame for others but in truth, it does help with memory retention and practicing it makes the senses grow stronger. The best thing is that while you play Boggle by Parker Brothers or Game of the Generals, open that bottle of wine and sip it slowly as you play. It might make you smarter.

Slowly sipping your wine can make you smart, how true?

The deal is that you have to drink your wine slowly. Small sips are the best way to enjoy its “smart” benefits and you can’t gulp it all down at once. Chances are that you will get drunk by tossing it down in one swish compared to the “social drinking” type of way wherein one glass can last for an hour or so.

The explanation is very simple. When you drink wine fast, you get the buzz faster too. What did you expect? The body cannot metabolize the drink real quick and you cannot excrete the wastes all at once and therefore, it will stay in your system. And your senses will be impaired.

But if you drink it slowly but surely, you will reap of its smart benefits. A scientist has a theory that if a person savors the taste and smell of his wine, the process is fairly similar to that of analyzing a Math equation. Wow. How cool is that? Drinking wine is synonymous to answer a Math problem? It will make you smarter and sharper.

This was explained by Dr. Gordon Brooke-Shepherd, a neuroscience professor from Yale, in his book titled – Neuroenology: How The Brain Creates The Taste Of Wine.

Does that mean I can drink wine every single day?

This fact was supported by the American Heart Association. There are benefits in drinking and consuming wine EVERY DAY in moderate amounts. Yes, you can drink wine DAILY (I have printed this in caps lock and big letters) but you can only drink a total of 8 ounces per day. EIGHT OUNCES PER DAY ONLY. Just to be clear.

Aside from making your mind sharp, what can wine do?

There are at least four benefits of drinking wine in moderate amounts each day aside from the “smarts” reason.

It can make the person live longer. A study in Finland with 2,468 male participants for a 29-year period showed that wine drinkers lived longer than those who drank beer or spirits. (Journals of Gerontology, 2007)

It can rid the person of heart attack incidences. Annals of Internal Medicine, 2007 – Harvard School of Public Health completed a study about people drinking wine; they are 30% less likely to undergo heart attack compared to those who don’t drink wine.

Another study from Queen Mary University in London which was published in Nature, 2006, they discovered that red wine contains procyanidins and it can save people from heart disorders.

Wine can also lessen the chances of developing Type 2 diabetes. This was according to VU University Medical Center of Amsterdam as the 12-year study on 369,862 participants was featured in Diabetes Care, 2005.

So, drink your wine and celebrate life each day. Your heart will get healthy, your body will improve its function and your mind will definitely get smarter, too.