Easy 10 Minute Workout for Busy Mom

Busy Mom

Being a stay at home mom, you have the most challenging, most difficult and the busiest profession ever in history of work. It’s because you are devoting your time, your energy and your efforts in raising your children and maintaining your home. The moment you wake up, it’s work time for you up to the last minute where you lay on your bed and close your eyes at night.

Everything is centered on your kids, your spouse or partner and your home. You barely have time for other things but if you want to be able to see your kids grow up into how you’ve taught them to be, you need to be in great health and in tip top shape. This is why a 10-minute workout routine for busy moms is formulated.

What is ten minutes for you? While you wait for the washer to finish the cycle, you can do these exercises. You can even chop it up in 2 minute intervals and just do the exercise movement at your most convenient time but it is advisable to do these exercises in a circuit.

It’s easy. It’s flexible and you don’t need exercise equipment in order to shape up at home. For starters, you can do one cycle and as you go on, you can increase your repetitions and sets. Don’t forget to drink water in between circuits!

Chair Dips for the Triceps

Pick the sturdiest chair at home. Make sure the legs of the chair are not wobbly. Sit and move your butt on the front part of the chair. Your hands must grips the sides of the chair in line with your hips and it will support your body while you do the exercise.

Lift your butt off the chair and extend your elbows up. Lower yourself down while focusing on your tricep muscles to do the job. Your knees must be bent while in motion and then, push your butt down and up. Do the move for 12 counts.

Chair Squats for the Legs

Your legs need to be targeted as well and one of the best exercises there is to strengthen and contour it is the leg squats. For this variation, we will do the chair squats. You can do this in the dining room.

Position yourself adjacent to a chair and stand straight with your feet apart. Your back is to the chair. While going down to do the squat, your upper body must be leaning forward a bit. Not too much, though.

You will attempt to sit down but as your butt approaches the seat, you go back up. That’s the exercise. And it will burn, believe me! Do the move for 12 counts.

Butterfly Crunches for the Core

You can place a towel on the floor or if you happen to have an exercise mat, it’s the best thing to use for this floor exercise.

Lie on your back and be in a relax position. Try to keep your feet together while your knees are folded out. Your hands must support your nape while your elbows are sticking out like your knees. Engage your abs as you pull your upper chest towards the ceiling. Go down after a successful pull. Repeat for 12 counts.

Oblique Crunches for the Core

The beginning position is basically the same as the butterfly crunches but this time, the knees are bent while the left ankle is on top of the right knee (and vice versa, when the whole set is done). Place your hands on your head and then, position your left shoulder towards the right knee. And then, go down. Do one side for 12 counts and one set is done if both sides are finished.

Modified Push-Ups for the Core

This is somewhat like the regular push-ups except that this exercise is being done by beginners to fitness and strength training. Get down on your knees and slide forward with your palms pushing the floor. Your knees must stick together as you do the move. Try to keep your head, back and butt aligned as you go down while engaging your abdominal muscles. Bend your elbows and lower your upper body. Go back up and repeat for 12 counts.

Standing Hip Extension for the Hips, Butt and Legs

Stand straight with your toes in front and hip-width apart. Put your weight on your left foot while your right foot extends backward by swinging it slowly. To do this exercise correctly, you have to feel the squeeze on your butt. If you can’t balance yourself, hold a chair for support. Do the move on each leg for 15 counts.

Step-Ups for the Whole Body

If you have stairs at home, this is a good exercise to do. Otherwise, choose a stepper, preferably not so high if you’re a beginner.

Put your left foot on the stair or stepper and follow it up with the right leg. Then, put your left foot down with a distance of one foot from the stair or stepper which is to be followed by the right. Do that for 12 counts while keeping your back straight, hands on your side and your chest forward. A variation on this move is when you carry weights. And this is a good cardio workout too!