Why Every Man Needs To Start Eating More Egg Yolks


In all honesty, I hate white egg omelets. Yuck! It is so bland and tasteless. But because I am dieting and because a lot of netizens say it is “healthy”, I endured it. Well, I went to my nutritionist who by the way is board certified and she said that I don’t have to cut the egg yolk every time. She even told me that eating egg whites for a prolonged period is not good as well because it lacks the necessary nutrients that a whole egg with the yolk provides. I was bummed out. Seriously – I am very confused.

She said that it is unnecessary to “delete” egg yolk in my weekly breakfast diet just to promote the good cholesterol. By the way, my nutritionist is also a professor of Food Science so she really knows what she’s talking about.

Do we “ditch” the egg yolk for fear of heart problems?

For so long, people believe that to stop heart ailments from happening, one must maintain their cholesterol levels below the borderline. According to the Framingham study, if a person has high blood cholesterol levels, chances are the this person will be most at risk to contract heart problems which can result to heart attack.

Therefore, the medical community made a suggestion to limit eating of egg yolks because it produces an increase in cholesterol levels. But in reality, that’s not the only thing that makes a person have high cholesterol levels. In the Framingham Study, almost 50% of the individuals in the study never had high bad cholesterol level. They had heart ailments but not high cholesterol. So, it’s safe to say that having high cholesterol doesn’t automatically mean one can contract heart disease and vice versa.

How to put it simply – cholesterol in food has no effect with a person’s blood cholesterol level if the person is generally healthy with no metabolism problems. For example, you have problems with your metabolism, then, it is advised for you not to eat too much high cholesterol food. But if you are not at risk of having metabolic issues, then, generally it is fine to eat egg yolks – at most 3 a day, for really fit and healthy individuals.

How can I improve my cholesterol levels?

How can you stop bad cholesterol from increasing? Well, you should stay away from trans-fat foods and your diet must consist for Omega-3 fatty acids. It is also a better choice to eat fibrous foods daily at the recommended dietary allowance, as well. That’s all, really. No more flowery words.

Why is it important to eat egg yolks too?

Prevention is better than cure so if you are in great shape inside and out, just don’t eat food that can surge your cholesterol levels. If you lack on cholesterol, your liver will release it for you but still, you don’t have to cut back on egg yolks. Eggs are one of the best sources of protein and your body needs it daily. It has about 7 grams of protein per egg and even the yolks have protein too.

What you don’t know about egg yolks is that it is more nutritious than egg whites. It has zinc, phosphorous, choline and B-complex vitamins. It even has antioxidants which fight cancer-forming free radicals. The egg white doesn’t have that.

You will be more energized throughout the day and it is also a great weight loss food. It is also a sure way to gain lean muscles plus your brain will function better because of eggs. To seal the deal, the American Heart Journal published a 2015 study that patients with coronary artery disease ate three eggs a day. It didn’t affect their heart ailment in any way.