What Everyone Gets Wrong About Organic Food

There are no pesticides in organic farming.


Pesticide-free claims are the reasons why people go organic. This is not entirely true at all. No one can restrict farmers on how they will protect their crops. They can use pesticides and fungicides freely. It is when crops are being processed that the farmers are not allowed to put any chemicals in it. USDA approves the use of different chemicals on crops because they are naturally-occurring. That fact, however, does not take away that it is harmful to the body.

Spinosad (coming from soil bacteria), pyrethin (these are taken from chrysanthemums), and Azadirachtin (Asian Neem Tree this time) – organic as they are, these are just some of the slightly toxic compounds, according to the EPA. Farmers are free to use (and they do use) other chemicals that are considered “approved”. These control bacteria and fungi. Over time, they stack. It appears safe but it builds up and kills critters and plants.