Exercise Is Socially Contagious, According To New Study

Gym Buddies

Ever wonder why there is a need to bring a gym buddy with you if you want to live a healthy lifestyle? The reason being is that when you have a gym buddy and this person is very active – like he or she loves to run, jog, brisk walk, lift weights, do yoga, performs HIIT circuit training or whatever other exercise mode he or she is into, it is highly likely that you are going to follow in his or her footsteps. Eventually, your buddy’s attitude on exercise will rub off on you and it will make you a very exercise-driven person too!

This is not just some blogger (that would be me) saying to be true. There is a new study which found out about the effects of being with a person who is totally committed into staying fit, trim and healthy. If you see that person, usually with a positive persona, work out and stay focused, you will become motivated and inspired like this person. You will want to be committed to healthy living too, like him or her. This is the main cause why exercise is socially contagious.

When going gets tough, the tough gets going… And that would be you and your exercise pal!

There is nothing more difficult in this world than to go back to exercising after a long period of hiatus. Too much flab, too much fat and to be honest, the age is not helping you one bit. It is really a challenge to go back and have the will to slim down, tone your body or maintain your health. But you have to do it. And your “serious” workout partner will be your savior.

It will be a friendly competition and frankly, this is a very good sign. When you see your friend finish 10 laps, you want to do 10 laps too. If you observed your friend to be eating right and following a fitness regimen, you also aim to do the same. It will be fun and enjoyable for the two of you and it will be like keeping tabs on each other – Hey, Kate. Have you done your 30 minutes on the stair stepper already? Make sure that you adjust the level every 2 minutes, ok? – If you have someone to give you inspiring words, you will feel really good! (Seriously, I think this is the work of a personal fitness trainer except that gym buddies are free of charge.)

What study would that be – making people want to exercise if they have a friend who does?

The journal called “Nature Communications” published a new study regarding the matter. In their study, when people are committed to exercising, this show of commitment is rather infectious in a good way because people respond positively to those who are physically training. They observed for 5 years that a group of friends or people within the same social network have similar training programs or exercise regimens.

One buddy is always the superior one (don’t get me wrong – this is not a bad thing) and the other is the challenger. The superior one is looking at his challenger buddy and keeps tabs so as not to fall behind. The challenger, on the other hand, will want to “beat” the superior one and will continue to do the workouts in order to be better.

Does it make sense? People are naturally competitive. In this case, it was put to good use. So, bring your friends with you if you want to lose weight or make your life healthier by exercising. This will be a very good and life-changing move for you both.