Fast Food That Isn’t Actually That Bad For You

Cracker Barrel – Country Dinner Plate With Grilled Chicken Tenders

Cacker Barrel Signage

No one and I do mean no one can resist eating at Cracker Barrel. Those delicious “homemade dishes” are just too tempting especially after a long drive. Now, if you are inside Cracker Barrel, you can feel good and order Country Dinner Plate with Grilled Chicken Tenders. It only contains 390 calories per plate with a towering 890 mg of sodium. It is fine, let it go. At least, you don’t have to starve yourself while on the road. The whole plate can give out 29 grams of protein if you choose broccoli, green beans and fruit as your side dishes.

There are also some things you should never order at Cracker Barrel and the Country Dinner Plate is not in that list.