Is Fasting to Lose Weight Safe?


If there is a subject that men and women can agree on, then, it’s about how difficult it is to lose weight. There is no other way to do it but go on a healthy eating regimen for months until you reach your target weight. And also, don’t forget to incorporate a daily exercise plan because diet without exercise is not effective. These two things combined will surely make you lose weight and look good but it will take time, a lot of money and undying effort.

Now, some people are just borderline desperate. They can’t wait for the outcome of the healthy way to lose weight. They want to lose weight in an instant and with the hopes of maintaining it, they go to extreme measures like fasting.

Some people fast for religious reasons like the Muslims in their month of Ramadhan. They don’t use it as an excuse to lose weight. They fast from dawn until dusk but after that, they can eat. It’s not about the body; it’s about the mind – self-control and pleasing their Almighty. As per the health of the person, when the body is not eating anything, it will use the stored glucose it has and convert it to energy so that the person can go about his day. This is the reason why some Muslims lose weight during the fasting month.

With this, is fasting to lose weight safe?

A study was published in a journal called Cell Metabolism and it has positive effects regarding fasting. It showed that people who fasted lost weight and were in a lesser chance of developing diseases like diabetes, cancer and heart ailments. Also, fasting can promote anti-aging benefits too.

Now, there is a thin line between fasting and skipping meals. In fasting, you don’t eat or drink for 12 to 16 hours. After that period, you need to refresh your body by eating and drinking. The whole point here is to do this a few days a week so that you can lessen your calorie intake. By that, the effect is for your body to regulate insulin and then, you lose weight.

Can I fast anytime I want?

Now, before you do this, you have to consult your physician and dietitian or nutritionist. Not everyone is healthy enough to go on a fasting diet method. Plus, if you have health issues, fasting may interfere with it.

Some people can do the fasting and some cannot. According to Dr. Jason Fung, writer of the book titled “The Complete Guide to Fasting”, people under the age of 18, those who are pregnant or lactating, and people who are malnourished due to eating problems (anorexia or bulimia) cannot use the fasting method.

How does fasting work?

As for Dr. Fung’s expert advice, he requires his clients to fast at least 16 hours a day, for two to three days each week. He also advises his clients to drink water or tea without the sweeteners, for example, sugar or honey. The doctor also likes that the client is hydrated all throughout the day and that green tea is a helpful drink to consume, as well. It will be hard at first, but it can be done safely.