Five Steps to an Organized Garage


The problem with people is that they make their garage as a dual purpose room. It is both a garage for the car and a storage place. At first, you just put one small box in their full of clothes that won’t fit anymore and yet, you don’t want to throw out. After a month, another box gets there. Then, another and another until you have difficulty parking your Prius in a supposedly 3-car garage. What has happened?

A garage is not a storage room. It is for your car. This is the reason why you have an enclosed garage – so that you can protect your car. But why do you have tons of boxes in there? You have to put those things where it belongs and it’s not in your garage.

Now, don’t fret. A professional space organizer has given tips on how to fix up the mess you have done on your garage. This must be done every six months so as to eliminate the hideous clutter and keep you garage for car parking and storage purposes only.

You must create a schedule for this re-org day and it has to be done on that day alone.

This is not an easy task. It is a very serious matter and because of that, you have to treat it as such. You need a full day if not, a weekend to reorganize your garage and the clutter that comes with it. Put it on your calendar and be ready to throw out what needs to be put in the garbage bin and relocate all those boxes.

If you can, enlist the help of a friend so that the chore will not be boring or stressful. Put on some music too. It can add to your excitability to finish the job quickly. Do it on the day scheduled – no ifs and buts.

You need to prepare a layout first before the schedule re-org day.

Since you are in the process of reorganizing, you have to be prepared beforehand. Create a layout of the garage so that you will know what items will be left in there and which things need to be pulled out.

How many cars can it accommodate and how many do you need to park in there? Will you be leaving behind your garden tools and your car tools? Is your husband doing his “guy” stuff there – does he need space? Will the shoe rack by the garage door fit? These are the things that you need to plan out. Your move must be calculated before the big day.

You have to strategize.

Now, you need to sit down and take a paper and pen. This has to be written down. Write down everything inside the garage that need organizing and then, list it according to priority.

You can organize the “hardest” things first or you can also finish fast when you start with the easy things. For example, you have your books and cd’s in there. This is a lot of work. You can start with that or if you like, save it for last. Strategize your movements inside by writing it all down.

You are to categorize the things and move on.

The terms are these – reuse, donate, and garbage. One way or another, you have to let go of some things in that garage. Do you really need those old newspapers? How about the broken shoes? And also, those clothes that are about 5 boxes in the garage, it would probably be best suited in Goodwill. If you categorize the things that will be organized, you will find the job easier to do.

You need a permanent system.

The fact remains that after your re-org project, it is likely that you will hoard things again in the garage and that Prius will have to stay outside your home. You have to learn from this experience and find a way to a re-org system permanently.

How? Well, you can always add shelves and racks for your favorites within the garage. So example, you want to leave your shoes there. There has to be a rack where you can keep your shoes fixed so that it will not affect the space for your car. You have to take time and do the fixing on a daily basis. I mean, how hard is it to file your shoes neatly in the rack after you use it, huh?