Foods You Never Knew Were Vegan

Vegan Food

Is being vegan same as being vegetarian? This is a common mistake people make interchanging the two terms. For the record, a person who is vegetarian does not eat foods with animal meat and for others, even foods with animal products in it. Why do they do it? The reason is personal as it could be for health purposes, religious beliefs or moral reasons.

As for being vegan, a person who is vegan does not EAT or USE animal products. The meaning may be quite similar but it is definitely not the same. This is the simplest explanation of the VEGAN and VEGETARIAN terms.

PETA defines VEGAN as a “strict vegetarian” – vegan people don’t eat meat, dairy, eggs, honey and other foods coming from animals. Since being vegan is often interchanged with being vegetarian, people thought that maintaining a vegan diet is a healthy way of living. Well, they thought wrong. Not all vegan foods are nutritious. Who would have guessed that some processed foods are vegan? Now, you’re thinking…

Here are foods you never knew were vegan (and most of these foods are unhealthy, too).