Foods you’re storing in your freezer but shouldn’t be

Foods Freezer

Gone are the days when households only have one freezer. Some homes have two freezers, maybe even three for one reason only – to store their favorite foods and keep it from spoiling. It is mainly for convenient living, you know. When you want ice cream at 2 in the morning, there’s a pint in the freezer. If ever you feel the need to eat supermarket frozen pizza, just pop one in the oven oh and yes, it came from the freezer. It’s just so good.

But not every food you like can be placed inside the freezer. You might be making the mistake of putting your favorite food in the freezer and you didn’t know! Good thing you’ve stumbled upon this article so that you’d stop making the same errors over and over again.

Yogurt and Sour Cream

Are you a yogurt eater? I am and I love it so much to the bone. Now, if I see a yogurt sale in the supermarket, I buy by the bulk. I can eat three in a day, minimum! But I always place my yogurt in the chiller because I had a not-so-good experience with it when I put my favorite in the freezer.

So naturally, I took it out and waited for it to soften a bit. I thought that it would be ice cream type in consistency. Oh boy was I so wrong! It was grainy and the texture is disgusting. It’s like I’m not eating my favorite food anymore. I had to throw it out.

And with this, a word of advice – never ever put your yogurt in the freezer. Your sour cream too!


I don’t drink hot coffee on a daily basis but my husband is practically in Starbucks day in and day out (which makes me think – I don’t make the best coffee, sigh). So yeah, he loves his coffee and because I am a good wifey, I bought him a coffee maker and a bag of his favorite beans.

But what I’ve noticed is that he placed the bag in the freezer. I remember my mum telling my dad years ago – honey, the coffee beans, not in the freezer please! It will go stale and I don’t like that.

So, again, as a good wifey, I searched the net about the facts on coffee and freezer – I found out that the temperature going down will change the cell structure of the coffee beans and the flavor too. The aroma is not the same anymore, as well. It’s a porous kind of food and it will absorb the flavor of everything else in the freezer. So, no. Don’t ever make that mistake.


Never put a glass jar in the freezer, ever. Especially mayonnaise. Don’t put mayonnaise in the freezer. It becomes oily as it begins to soften. And it will be clumped and curdled too. It’s not good to the taste at all.

Deep Fried Foods

Fried foods are to be placed in the refrigerator or chiller and not the freezer. Once ice and oil meets, it won’t ever be the same again as you heat it up. It will turn soggy and yucky. And it can’t be fixed. The only way to use it is at the bottom of the garbage bin.

Jelly Sandwich

My kids absolutely worship PB & J and because I’m a super mom, I have a stash of it in the chiller – not the freezer. Have you tried eating a sandwich out of the freezer? It’s like eating bread soaked in water. Trust me, I have done it.

Hope I have helped you realize a few things about freezer foods and non-freezer foods. Moms (and stay at home dads – kudos to you!) have to stick together and assist each other on things about the kitchen, food and cooking. Just remember what I said!