The Hairy Man’s Guide To Skincare


Are you tired of wearing your sweater even during summer days just to hide the “hair”? How about your arms? Your legs? Those shoulders, back and the hairiest of them all – your balls – how “bad” is it? Well, if you feel this way and have trouble wearing light clothing because you’ll end up like the human wolverine (in a very bad way), then, don’t lose hope as of yet.

Sure you have rendered all those hair thingy devices useless; goodbye electric razors, sorry manual hair remover and epilators. These won’t work for you because you are charmingly different, honey. You are hairy for one reason – you are a MACHO MAN and you need to embrace it instead of hiding it! What you need to do right now is learn how to keep everything in place and the most important part of it all is the SKINCARE.

Oh shoot, you don’t know what that means, right? Of course, you’re a man, a MACHO MAN! Who needs skincare? Well, you do. Period. No if’s and no but’s.

What you don’t know is that every James Bond, Jason Bourne, Superman, Batman and all the other “man’s” out there, they know how to care for their skin even if they are Neanderthal-like hairy. (Hey, most women find it irresistible, seriously!)

Anyway, even if you have facial and body hair, the only way to make everything look good is from within and it must start from your skin. You don’t want to have chapped or blotchy skin as it will add to the “yucky” hairy you. You also don’t want too much oil on your face and body that can fry an egg instantly. You just have to let your Hugh-Jackman-as-Wolverine vibe out and accept that you are hairy. Caring for your skin though will entail daily effort, so listen up, buddy…

Have you ever tried using a facial and body moisturizer?

If the answer is NO, then, you have to start now. But you can’t just use those creamy lotions and sticky stuff on your face and body. Why? Well, you are a “unique” being and exquisitely hairy handsome guys like you require a special type of moisturizer. You need an oil-based moisturizer which will deeply penetrate into your skin without hassle.

The problem with creamy solutions is that it won’t go deeper into your skin meaning it will not reach your skin cells that much. The hair on your face and body is preventing the cream from reaching the deepest layers of your skin. As for oil-based moisturizers, it will easily find its way inside your hair follicles PLUS it will “tame” your facial and body hair.

Killing two birds with one stone, that’s the point, stud.

Are you familiar with exfoliating cleanser bath soap?

The great thing about being manly-hairy is that you have a natural exfoliator and that is your body hair. As you rub your body and face when you wash or clean it, the hair scrubs the skin and takes off the dead skin cells. It also eliminates the dirt stuck on your skin and that is so cool, right?

But it is not enough. You still need an exfoliating bar soap once in a while – say, four times a month or one day for each week? Just be gentle when using it since you don’t want to over-scrub your body. Take note – you only need to use it once a week, got that?

Do you use daily sun protection (sunblock with SPF) or not?

Hmmm… I think I already know the answer to this. Well, cool guy, you have to use a day solution, with SPF in it. You need to protect your skin from the UV rays because who wants a wrinkly and hairy guy? Wrinkles can come from too much sun exposure. You can look ten years older in a matter of months, dude. So, it is suggested that you use some SPF solution on your face as a daily regimen and if you are “baring it all out” in the beach, then, your body needs to be protected too.

You have to use an oil-based sunscreen. Again, it will make your hair super soft and supple plus it will keep your skin hydrated and moisturized. To add, the UV rays won’t be able to bother your skin as well.

Can you treat those in-growns?

Sigh, this is a common problem of men… ahem… of MACHO MEN with lots of body hair. It can get nasty and bam – in-grown! There is inflammation and some redness due to hairs sticking out and hurting your skin. It looks horrible just like pimples BUT are not pimples! Gross! Well, just relax pal. There is a remedy for that.

Press the area with a warm and damp towel to soften the hair. The warm towel will also open the pores and it will be easier for you to take the hair out. Yes man, I said TAKE IT OUT. Sterilized forceps will do and yank it out so that it won’t be a bother to you anymore! In a few days, it will heal on its own, after the plucking.

Now, if you can’t do that, go to your skincare specialist or dermatologist immediately. The expert can do the plucking for you. There… Done!

Was it too hard or can the MACHO hairy MAN (like you) do all of these?