Health Foods That Are Actually Terrible For You


There is an abundance of health tips and wellness blogs over the internet which says “you eat this” and “don’t eat that”. Some even say “these are good for you” and they forget to mention “the bad stuff”. Because of its easy access, we can always search for the right kind of foods to consume. This is the advantage of internet. Information is easy to come up.

Relatively, it is also a weak point in such a way that some of the information stated may be half-truths or worse, flat out false. How can you determine which is correct? Well, you just have to read the nutritional value at the back of each product to know for sure.

When buying food, you must be cautious. Advertisers will always claim health benefits and exaggerate the nutritional content of their products. The only thing you can do is read the label and decide for yourself.

As such, here are supposedly termed health foods that are actually terrible for you.