Your Hot Sauce Obsession Is Extremely Good For Your Health

Hot Sauce

Who would have thought this tongue burning condiment is good for your health? Yes, it is true – hot sauce has many health benefits, according to researches and studies. It is not just a food “upper”. The red hot sauce is really a good food to eat. So is it safe to say that I can put hot sauce in my salad, stew, steak, and just about anything I love to munch on?

The connection between spicy food and higher testosterone levels


A December 2015 study called “Some like it hot: Testosterone predicts laboratory eating behavior of spicy food” from Physiology & Behavior 139:375-377 found out with compelling evidences that hot sauce can spike testosterone levels as compared to salty foods.

A group of 114 men aged 18 to 44 were observed regarding their consumption of spicy meals, more specifically, food containing hot sauce. Every time these test subjects were served food with hot sauce, their testosterone levels (from saliva tests) are increased, whereas, if they ate food that is salty and not spicy, there is no positive increase.

Not only that, there is also a benefit of having higher testosterone levels – men are less depressed and they are not lethargic. In fact, they have this “I am the King, I can do anything I put my mind to it” kind of attitude when their testosterone levels are high. And a man is supposed to act that way, you know – because they’re men and it’s the natural cycle of life.

Capsaicin in hot pepper can prevent the development of cancer

A scientist and professor at Massey University in New Zealand named David Popovich swear by the health benefits of hot sauce and the chemical compound that makes it spicy called the “capsaicin”. Popovich observed that hot sauce, because of its capsaicin component, is a very effective antioxidant.

It was conveyed by TIME that Popovich performed laboratory tests. He had cancer cells in a dish and he put capsaicin on these cells. To his utter surprise, the development of the cancer cells lessened. That was his findings. He couldn’t test the reason as to why capsaicin slowed it down but it did. The cancer cells sort of repaired itself after the drop of capsaicin and it became new cells.

“Hot” meals will make you live longer

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According to The BMJ, people who ate spicy foods naturally live longer compared to those who don’t like spicy meals. The research was titled “Consumption of spicy foods and total and cause specific mortality: population based cohort study” and there were 199,923 men who participated while for women, there were 288,082 test subjects.

The research was long term and spanned for almost 9 years. The median research time was 7.2 years as there were others who died during the process – old age, natural causes or accidents. Anyway, the study eliminated people with cancer and heart conditions.

Going back to the study, it was recorded by the researchers that people who ate spicy food every day (more like six to seven times a week) are 14% more inclined to live longer, compared to others who have died within the research period. The study was done in China.

So, maybe eating spicy foods is the best thing you can do for yourself, eh? Sure, it stings a lot but with these benefits, an overall well-being, cancer butt-kicker and prolonged life, who wouldn’t want to eat hot sauce now? You maybe even are contemplating on sprinkling it on your dessert, right?