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How Hugh Jackman Got Ripped To Play Wolverine


Who doesn’t know Hugh Jackman? Even those who live in Pluto know who “Wolverine” is. No, he doesn’t wear that yellow spandex and tight-fitting suit (although, I am pretty sure that he will still look fabulous in that ensemble). He is an X-Men and the most famous X-Men member, at that.

But what makes Hugh Jackman such a darling to the viewers? Is it because of his dashing Australian looks? A part of it is because of his manly aura, yes – no wonder his 61-year-old wife Deborah Lee-Furness never let go of her Adamantium claws on the 48-year-old hottie. But being 48 years old, have you seen his body? I will say this in caps lock – IT IS GORGEOUS.

Hugh Jackman is very fit and healthy. And this 6’2” and 180-pound actor took the long route and a lot of discipline in order to maintain that for the last two decades.

He is a stage performer, first and foremost.

The Golden Globe Best Actor in 2013 for his portrayal in “Les Miserables” says that he loves dancing and that’s what keeps him in shape in between films. The problem with too much dancing is that he loses his muscles easily which is an issue being him as Wolverine – he has to be bulked up and ripped. Jackman says that he supplements that concern with other things.

He always stays informed and focused.

No one can beat the discipline on this man. Have you noticed that each and every “Wolverine” or “X-Men” movie, he has become more buff? I mean, what is this “human being” doing on a day to day basis!? Well, like any life winner, he keeps himself informed on fitness and is focused on his workout routine. All the latest nutritional programs that will be significant for this transformation, Jackman tries to understand. Like I said, no one can beat his dedication.

He never and ever misses a workout day.

It takes a lot of time and effort to be “Hugh Jackman” and that means going to the gym six days a week and usually, two times in a day especially if he is going to shoot a “Wolverine” or “X-Men” movie. He has this 4-week program of free weights and accessory movements. For the first three weeks, Jackman lifts it heavy and for the final week, he drops the weight and goes for a lot of repetition. This is to enhance his body definition.

He is a deadlift addict.

Need to say more? Hugh Jackman has that amazing “backside”, if you know what I mean, because of his passion for the deadlift movement. Actually, deadlift is almost a complete body workout. Experts agree that most of the body muscles are being utilized when performing this movement.

He is not afraid to eat.

Since this Australian stud is a power performer in the gym, to repair his torn muscles, he loves to eat protein-rich foods like grilled chicken breast, whole grains like brown rice and green leafy super food, spinach. Of course, he follows the superhero diet – as advised to him by the legendary The Rock. In preparation for his films, Hugh eats up to 6,000 calories of low carb foods in a day. Why? He eats this much so he can work out as much and get his body ripped. And this is how it is supposed to be done, according to nutritionists and fitness specialists, alike.

He uses creatine to improve his physique.

Apart from his diet regimen and fitness program, Hugh Jackman’s overall trainer sees to it that the actor consumes creatine. If you don’t know what creatine is, you can read this article. Creatine is being used by experts for muscle growth. As for Jackman, he consumes this to bulk up for his films.

He is a real-life superhero with a down-to-Earth heart.

You will never hear a bad thing about Hugh Jackman. No violence reports. No bad reputation. Nothing. That’s because he is a straight kind of guy who loves his family, values his work and everyone who has made him who he is today. And who might these people be? The people who work for and with him and of course, you and me – his adoring fans. Remember how he is when you watch a Hugh Jackman movie. You and I might just have to follow how he eats, works out and acts as a real person.