What You should Know Before Taking Another Sip of Eggnog


Some people love eggnog, but there are also others who don’t like it. In the homes of those who love it, eggnog is always present during Christmas time. It must not be missed. The drink is traditional – creamy, thick, sweet and the taste is just like magic. You can’t quite comprehend what it is in eggnog that you love but you just do, right?

Anyway, before you drink 2 or more cups of your favorite beverage this Christmas; wouldn’t you like to know how eggnog came to be and if it is really healthy for you? They say that the most delicious foods are not always nutritious. Is eggnog an exemption to that?

How eggnog came to be


Contrary to popular belief, eggnog didn’t originate from the US. Actually, it’s been traced that eggnog was a traditional drink from the British Middle ages. The term wasn’t eggnog at that time because it had no eggs. The composition of the old “eggnog” was ale, wine or any other type of hard drink mixed with milk. They used to call it “posset”.

Posset was also drank by monks but according to stories, they were the ones who added eggs to it and, get this, figs. Not everyone can drink eggnog back then because the ingredients were pricey. Only those who were rich can taste eggnog and they served it during holidays and celebrations.

The drink reached American colonies at that time and they brought the recipe back with them in the US. Ingredients of the eggnog were easier to come by in their country and they tweaked the fine liquor with cheap alcohol like rum. Soon after, every home in America was drinking eggnog.