What You should Know Before Taking Another Sip of Eggnog

Eggnog is not that healthy

Not Healthy

Do you know how many calories one cup of eggnog brings you? Well, you will gain 343 calories in one gulp. Along with that, you get to take in 19g of fat and 21 g of sugar. These numbers are truly overboard and we are only talking about one serving! What if you drink 2 or 3? What will happen to you?

The World Health Organization suggests that an average person must take 25 grams of sugar daily. They didn’t say 21 grams of sugar per drink. Again, that is 25 grams for every 24 hour cycle. How healthy is that?

Now, is there a way to go around it? Can the ingredients be swapped into healthier options? I guess it is possible but it won’t taste the same way. So, either you omit drinking eggnog altogether or drink a quarter cup of it just to give in to your craving. Otherwise, if you can omit it from you Christmas menu, that would be much better for you.