What You should Know Before Taking Another Sip of Eggnog

Eggnog and Salmonella


Egg yolk and salmonella are like linked to each other. The risk is real. You may want to buy eggnog from the grocery store just to be safe and sure that there is no salmonella scare. These eggnogs coming from the store are pasteurized making it safer to consume.

The problem lies with DIY eggnog recipes. If you are not an expert, don’t experiment on making your own eggnog recipe. You can make your guests sick because of the egg yolks. There is a small solution to this problem and it involves cooking the egg and milk beforehand so that you can pasteurize it and killing all the chances of bacteria to thrive.

Also, don’t rely on alcohol. It will not affect the growth of salmonella in the milk/egg mixture. One can never be too careful. Prevention is better than cure, right? So don’t expect for liquor to kill the virus. The FDA strongly suggests against being complacent in consuming eggnog with larger alcohol content.