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Life-Changing Uses for Coconut Oil

Coco Oil

Coconut oil can do this. Coconut oil can do that. Everything is good when it comes to coconut oil. People even refer to it as a “magical elixir” because it has a lot of health benefits. It can heal problems of the skin and when taken internally, it can also cure some diseases. You will read from various beauty blogs that coconut oil is a savior. But is it really?

YES – the answer is a big (and in caps lock) YES. Coconut oil is really “ALL THAT JAZZ and GLAM” when it comes to healthy benefits. It is the real deal. It can really heal and is not just a beauty trend. In fact, coconut oil has been used as a beauty fixer since the ancient times. Cleopatra used coconut oil on her scalp and she has the best-looking hair, based on paintings of her.

It has always been a popular medicinal fruit in Asia and some Pacific Islands for hundreds of years. They swear on its ability to heal a particular beauty problem. It really is a gift from nature and a “wonder oil” which you can use in your food. The oil is also an effective option when it comes to natural healing and of course; bring a small container of it inside your vanity bag. It will come in handy when you need a beauty remedy.

Why is coconut oil being praised left and right? Here are the reasons why…

Coconut oil as a moisturizing hand and body lotion.


According to users of coconut oil, it is by far the best body moisturizing “lotion” to ever grace the beauty shelves. Pour a small amount on your palm and apply the oil all over your body before taking a bath. It is also great therapeutic oil before you go to sleep.

Some say that it can be very greasy when applied. But in contrast to that, just let it seep in and voila! No slimy feeling – your skin will absorb that fully.

Just a word of caution. Coconut oil, for those with sensitive and acne-prone skin, it can clog pores. Some however haven’t experienced that side effect. Anyway, just proceed with care.