Why Your Love Handles Are So Hard To Lose

Love Handles

It’s not you. It’s your love handles. These things are so easy to gain yet so hard to flush out. Love handles are not easy to take away. Even those who are regulars at the gym find it hard to take melt it away completely. Love handles may be hard to destroy but its demise is not impossible. This sign of poor body health can also be eliminated.

Why you get love handles in the first place

Genetics made us have this hard-to-eradicate thing. You can blame your family’s DNA for that. However, aside from your genes, there are many things that can cause love handles to be more visible. When you get stressed, it results to a more problematic metabolism and digestion. Same thing happens when you lack a good sleep. It also has something to do with the food that you eat.

You guessed it! It essentially is taking in more calories than what you are supposed to. Not burning it off causes the fat to be stored in the “fat houses” or the cells in the body. Without the proper exercise and toning workouts, you will develop love handles. Love handles do not just pop out there, though. When you get it, it means you have been sedentary for a while. Sedentary in the way you eat and work.

Why love handles are so hard to lose

The body does not immediately take away the fat in your belly. It starts out in different parts of the body like the face. Experts say that men lose weight differently. It starts from where you put it last. Fat? Fat starts where you put it first – your belly.

To make it clearer, imagine a racetrack. Run from 0 meter to 500 meters. The distance you just ran is the pathway of fat in your body. Where your belly would be 0 meter and 500 meters is the other parts of the body. Fat loss works in reverse. You start from 500 meters before you start working out to burn the 0 meter. You get the gist. This makes it harder for men to lose weight because of faulty biological make up.

How to get rid of love handles

You will have to develop the discipline in order to get rid of love handles. They won’t disappear immediately, though. You will have to work on them as hard as you can. In the end, you will just have to get rid of the sedentary lifestyle you are leading right now. You will have to get up and start a planned workout that targets the whole body. Squats will do fine. You can also make use of exercises that target the core muscles. However, keep it moderate. You don’t lose fat by becoming an exercise monster.

In addition to this, you will have to be more selective with what you are eating. Avoid high calorie foods. Choose those which can give you more nutrients. Protein-rich food will also help with your metabolism. You should also steer clear of starchy foods. Of course, let the pizza, soda, fries and other comfort food slip this time – or eat these foods once a month, as a cheat meal.