Mosquitoes Are Super Deadly But You Can Outsmart Them!


The World Health Organization is very persuasive in terms of their campaign about Dengue Fever awareness. Did you know that since its discovery, dengue fever has been killing at least 725,000 people around the world each year? Yes, this is an alarming number. You may be very young or old – dengue doesn’t choose its victim. Once you have it, there is a big chance that it will cause a massive damage to your organs if in the event it doesn’t kill you.

Some facts about dengue fever…

– It is a viral infection coming from mosquitoes.
– The fever will appear like it is just a flue but it can be very lethal in a matter of days.
– Everyone in the world is at risk of contracting dengue fever and no one is immune to it.
– It is more prolific in tropical countries.
– In Asian and Latin American countries, dengue fever is the leading cause of death in children for the recent years.
– The infection has no known cure and no medicine.
– There are measures to be taken if you want dengue-free surroundings.
– Vaccination per strain is now available but it is super expensive and not all can afford it.
– There are four strains of lethal dengue fever and that equates to four vaccinations as well.

As a parent, how can you protect your children from dengue fever?

You cannot be with your kids 24/7. It will be physically impossible for you to devote such time to your child most especially if you have more than one kid. So, how can you make sure that dengue fever doesn’t reach your household and affect your kids? Here are helpful some tips:

Use bug repellent in your home

These killer mosquitoes are sensitive to smell. They will literally get dizzy and eventually die. So if you use the bug spray or have those devices that repel mosquitoes, then, put it at every corner of your home. Just be careful when using bug spray. The CDC or Center for Disease Control and Prevention issued a statement regarding usage of bug sprays. If it contains the active component called DEET, it is good to use.

You can also go all-natural like using sprays with lemon eucalyptus oil. Some bug spray brand companies have these all-natural sprays to preserve the users’ well-being but will still kill the mosquitoes on its tracks.

Citronella your house from top to bottom

Your house will definitely smell so good because of these citronella oils, patches, sprays and more. Just spread it around the house. It will kill the mosquitoes well before it can hurt everyone in the family.

Dress to protect

For the time being, wear clothes that will cover your skin like long sleeve shirts and long pajamas. Let your kids wear these clothing too and socks, as well. If you can purchase those clothing with bug repellent (treated with permethrin), it would be an advantage.

Bug zapper can help too

There is something so exhilarating when you hear the sound of fried mosquitoes due to the bug zapper. Use it and say – karma, you dengue-festering bugs!